We are a licensed real estate firm that provides professional real estate and appraisal services throughout Roseau and Lake of the Woods Counties.  We have gained experience through countless hours of continuing education and the thousands of transactions we have handled since 1977! We understand that a real estate investment is a major decision in your life.  Our full time staff are ready and eager to take the responsibility to see that your transaction is handled correctly and professionally.

Selling – If you have property to sell, contact us for a free consultation. Property is listed on a percentage basis and there is no cost to you until the property sells.

Buying – Various types of property for sale including farms, lake property, residential, recreational, investment and commercial.

Appraisal Service – Appraisers qualified to do most types of appraisal work.

Field Inspections – Field Inspections covering Roseau and Lake of the Woods Counties.

Development Participation – Many properties are worth more after being fully developed.

Exchanging or Trading – Tax laws enable you to defer taxes by exchanging properties. We have arranged trades of many types including personal properties.

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Scott Pahlen

Nels Grafstrom